General & Power Tools

About General & Power Tools

Don’t need to a hire a digger, but you do need clean down your job site? At MEH Plant & Equipment, we have you covered.

We don’t just hire out earthmoving equipment. We pride ourselves in offering a large range of general hire equipment for contractors and for the DIY or general handy person.

This can range from; power tools, lasers and locators, confined space equipment, heating and cooling equipment, Vacuums, Pressure Cleaners, hydraulic tooling and hand tools.

So next time you don’t have the right gear for the job, give us a call and our friendly team can help with all your general hire needs.


Models S26, TE DRS-B, TE DRS-Y

Pressure Cleaners

Model 120 BAR5027G-HEJMT

Power Tools

Laser and Locators

Models AT-B2, Zone60DG, TP-L5BG

Brick Saws and Tile Saws

Models TS73R, TS350E