MEH Plant & Equipment provides short term hire and long term rental and specialaised services across South Australia and are now expanding through country regions and other states and territories. We supply quality plant, equipment and service excellance to our client base in civil and construction industries as well as other industry groups including engineering, mining, local and state government, utilities, Tier 1 builders, local contractors and trades.

A focus on safety, quality and service is our highest prioritory. We invest heavily in training our personnel to ensure they’re safety at work. Our management and staff are always striving for a safer outcome making the industry safe and compliant.

Our experienced management and staff have decades of combined experience in business and the hire industry providing our clients the highest quality service and attention.

We are proud to be a successful Tier 1 supplier and will strive further to improve our systems and processes reflecting new demands and continuous changes within the civil construction industry.

MEH Plant and Equipment is an equal rights employer and supports local business whenever possible in all purchasing and contracting needs.

We are committed to conducting the highest level of ethics in all business dealings and treat our clients with unparalleled commitments to service and confidentiality. Our experience, industry knowledge and dedication are second to none. We aspire to provide a personalised service to our customers’ needs.

More than just a plant and equipment hire company

When you hire from MEH Plant and Equipment you get much more than just a plant hire company. We are multi-product specialist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering outstanding solutions on most complex projects. Whether it is a multi-million dollar civil engineering project or tools to help the local tradesmen, we are sure to help with the right equipment.

At MEH Plant and Equipment we offer a huge selection of plant, tools and equipment to hire. We increasingly invest in new and advanced products to make sure that you hire reliable, safe and environmentally friendly equipment incorporating new technology.

We are continuously growing and acquiring new plant and equipment, ensuring we keep investing in the latest industry equipment with advanced technology. We are constantly communicating with our clients and monitoring government and private infrastructure projects to ensure the decisions we make about asset aquasitions are consistent and highly diversified.